Wednesday, October 28, 2015

So time to resurrect an old friend. 
Here is where I started, and here I am once again. 

As my work site was taken down by hackers and couldn't be fixed by GoDaddy, now I am finding myself without a voice in my blogosphere again. I need to type. I need to talk to the page with words and images. For now, Twist Your Stitch is where I will do this.

So what has Rachel been up to? 


  • A house move. 

  • A new job.

  • A new school year. 

  • A new knitting project.

  • Little bit of old knitting project. 

Stay tuned...I am working on a fun project. I can't wait to share with you. And I will.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blooming Where I am Planted

The pull of Spring has me thinking of warmer weather knitting. Has me thinking of new beginnings.

It's been awhile.

This site I think will be retiring soon as I am pulled in many directions.

Baltic Stitches has had a slow presence in the blog/knitting link world. I wonder if people are confused with who Twist Your Stitch is and how Baltic Stitches ties together?!

I have had many happy years here on this little corner. 

I have shared some struggles, some victories and many knit projects.

But all things change.

All things move and become fluid.

Just like Spring.

Might be time to bloom elsewhere. 

You can still get ahold of me at the email address listed on my contact info here.

For now...Twist Your Stitch is busy twisting. And writing.

What am I writing?

A Sock Book.

You know what kind of socks I like...:SLY SMILE:

Do you smell the blossoms?

 Can you see the petals and leaves emerging little bits at a time? I can feel the growth...the extension of my branching out.

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's Inevitable!

The pull of the video upload world hit early in my household. My teen son was sucked in from day 1 when he discovered friends uploading on youtube their Lego creations. 

Hence, my new creation, a few years later. 

Check it out:

Follow if you wish. Am hoping to have more uploaded this week!

Monday, December 01, 2014

Double Duty

Things have suddenly gotten busy.

I work on the other site, Baltic Stitches. And sadly, I forget to Twist My Stitches...LOL

Have you gotten your Christmas Knitting on??

I have...

A few projects in the works...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

There's a New Kid in Town


A new kind of knitting:

To kick off my new adventure of the Baltic's Pinktober and it's time to fund raise for Unity Hospital women's cancer retreat. 

Last year the Rachel's Shawl pattern raised $500. This money went to a scholarship fund to help women attend the retreat that couldn't otherwise go. This year is no different. Supporting women in the journey, helping them recover and connect. 

This year, I am offering lacy socks. 

These lacy socks:

Made with Lorna's Laces Solemate in Flamingo Stripe
Made with Spud & Chloe Fine in Sassafras & Tutu
The pattern is $5 and all monies go to the scholarship fund. 

You will have to hop on over to the new website and enter into changes to win 2 special prizes. 

It's a new adventure, is a good cause, and it helps women directly with your $$$.

Head on over and leave me a comment. 


Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Latvian Fringe Stitch

Latvian Fringe is a decorative element to many items from mittens to socks. I have also seen it on pillows, purses and belts. It has popped up on knit toys and particularly those animals that have "curly" hair. I first spied this fun to make stitch in The Latvian Mitten book by Lizbeth Upitis, as my Vetsmom never knit this into her things.

Donna Druchanas has an excellent new YouTube video demonstration for both Continental or English knitting methods. 

The fringe stitch was also added to the Pixie Poncho pattern I designed for Spud & Chloe

For those that are visual learners...
here you go. 

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Time Well Spent

Canoeing on the entry point of the Boundary Waters was a much needed mental, spiritual, physical and family centered event.
 The quiet is not only refreshing, its soul nurturing at its finest.
See the teeny tiny little speck on the upper top edge of the water? That's Ruby's master and his son. She's waiting patiently for their return. Left behind, again. 

**Stay tuned for an awesome give away along with the premier of a new sock pattern.**


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Little Bits of Fluff

So this is a pretty personal blog post. 

It's for the ladies only. I am also locking comments cuz of the scuz factor that seems to creep in even the most humble of posts. 

So breast cancer survivors that don't reconstruct deal with how we appear when out in public. 

It takes alot of guts to go flat in a crowd. The stares from women sometimes are WORSE than the stares from men. 

I've even gotten a bit of "backlash" from other breast cancer survivors that have reconstructed and see me flat. A disapproving stare. Like I am trying to prove something, or what, I don't know? But its there and it is hard not to let it get through the thick armor that I have constructed on the "outside" from having cancer, being bald, being flat and going on with my life. 

Scars in the inside. 

Yeah, they are there. 


I recently decided this lack of hormone induced menopause weight is for the birds. 

I feel bad enough about how I look without having to carry around the extra poundage. 

No one tells you about that. 

No one in the medical field wants to discourage you from giving up your ovaries when you have a hormone positive cancer. 

No one tells you "ALL" the side effects of giving up those little egg gems...but that's another post. This one is about working out at the gym.

With other people. 

Of both sexes.

And how heavy those prosethetics get. 

How wearing a professional mastectomy bra built for holding in Fort Knox doesn't even work well when you get sweaty, are bouncing up and down...

Working those weary arms, legs and trying to flatten the behind you've sat on for the past 2 years trying to recover from chemo and radiation treatments. UGH!!! Not to mention the humble defeat of having to wear an arm lymphadema sleeve. Double UGH. But the chest suddenly became a focus again.

Yeah, my chest was of concern. 

If I was more fit, and more brave I would go commando. 

As in, flat and fabulous. 

But I am not fit yet, I am still hauling around some extra weight. But I am more toned, more firm thanks to Farrell's in Maple Grove and now in Farrell's in Andover. They've helped me gain confidence too. I can work out without throwing up. I can stick it out 45 minutes kicking and punching a bag and I am calmer about life. I am less stressed. I am getting stronger. Each week. I am growing to have confidence in my body again. To trust it. To not worry over it so much. To not fear the big C is lurking around the corner to gut punch me again. 

IF exercise helps lower my chances for recurrence, I don't want to have any regrets. I want to do what I sanely can to lower my risks.

Now for the part where knitting comes in. 

I tried ditching my silicone foobs (fake boobs) for foam ones. The foam ones are lighter! So light and unbend-able by the end of the workout I have foamies up to my ears. Kid you not. Upright and perky? How about around my armpits and irritating!  I tried different style bras. Even bought cheapies at Target that were meant to "keep all in place" thinking that included the foobs of the foam kind. Foam wasn't an option for me. Obviously not in this application.

Yes, I think I have tried it all. 

Enter in Knitted Knockers

I can make my own slightly shaped chest padding for when I work out? 


Yes, I CAN!

So here's my un-stuffed creations. 

My lovelies.

I chose the best, softest 100% American made wool because I wanted them to BREATHE. I wanted them to be soft against my skin. I am not allergic to wool. I wanted a color that came close to being natural skin Quince & Co  in the Lark line was my choice of yarn. I picked the color Petal. Slight blush pink.

The backside (or inside) of the knocker is drawn protect wounds and scars from irritation. See...?

 The little opening to stuff the knocker is on the upper right edge. See it? I leave those open, to take stuffing out, when washing them. Soak, swish, rinse and let air-dry. Then re-stuff.

How to stuff the knockers so they look's a great uTube video link for that part. 

Stuffing the knitted knocker

Here they are done and stuffed. 

And the insides...

I squish them into my cheapie sports bra from Target (The kind with shapers so they have pockets) and these somehow stay in place.

No foamies by my earlobes at the end of a work out.

No worry about sweaty silicones weighing 10#'s each. Not to mention extra HEAT with those fake babies. 

I don't know about you, but I think when I can work out and not focus on what's riding around on my middle (besides those love handles!) I can focus on the kicks, the jumping jacks and those lovely push-ups. (Not bras, the kind they do in the Army push ups!)

God bless the ladies who thought these up. Who made this pattern available to all FREE. I love free. I love to think others may benefit from this charity. Not just those women kickboxing.

Now go work out in peace and confidence. AND be in amazement that a post about knitting, foobies and kickboxing can somehow be woven together into one blog post.

I can. 


Me and one of my fav instructors, Kim.

Friday, July 25, 2014

A Small Voice

It's been strangely quiet around here. 

Yes, I took a "social media" and limited online break. Fast. I unplugged.

Breaks are good sometimes.

Refocusing, redirecting my time, and energy was a needed, GOOD thing. 

I probably lost most of my "sometimes" readers. 

That's okay.

The cost was worth it. 

While I have spam-bots now visiting this site and driving views up, I don't care. This online blog is more for personal reasons, not to attract a million readers. 

"So why the break?" you may ask, if you happen upon this post. 

Because of this book, and this site:

I realized that my time in the AM were spent surfing, typing and browsing. 

Not loving on my kiddos, who are growing up WAY too fast. 

Not doing things I love, like Bible study, gardening and knitting.

  • I was rushed in other daily activities. 

  • I was distracted. 

  • It's time to get back to basics. 

  • I shall continue to share that my fast was over.

  • I don't know how often I will post. I guess when the mood, the time, and the words hit me. 

  • I am not ashamed for quiet spells. 

I am proud of who I have become. 

I am a work in progress.

I will be updating and doing the tabbed pages on this site soon of upcoming knitting classes and teaching adventures in the works for this fall.

Thanks for your patience.

I am back.