Thursday, August 20, 2009

Progress and Fun Stuff

I can't believe how fast this little hoodie is knitting up!
I have a little more work done on it than what this picture shows--and I haven't spent alot of time on it...(feels that way!) and yes, I know it's a "SMALL" sweater, a size 4T, but it is flying off my needles! I have the hood to go and then seaming. I plan to use the zipper instructions found in the current Knit Simple Fall issue magazine...have you checked this magazine out? It has some knitter friendly (READ: regular mod MOM-type knitting) patterns and lots of tips and tidbits. I liked the bit in there about zipper pulls...I ordered one from Purl for this project here. I have a zipper in hand and am going to tackle installation with all the grace of a non-sewer and the gumption of a "wanna-be"...

Speaking of shopping...

I did a little armchair shopping from home yesterday (still have sick children...:SIGH:) and found this from Roseknits: Bee Bag. Can you say CUTE?! I love bags. I stash all kinds of things in them because when I am on the go, I can grab that project quickly as I am notorious for losing things. Actually, there really is a black hole in my house that just randomly sucks things up never to be found again. My oldest son is victim to this also. Funny, that black hole doesn't pick on anyone else in the house. I digress...

Those of you on Ravelry, I wanted to alert you to another Blue Sky Alpaca Swap that is open for sign-ups but closes after today. Check that out here. I am participating in this round as it involves a "magic yarn ball" theme and I've never done one of those. Sounds fun! And as many of you know, I love to spoil people. I have many fun goodies in mind in addition to stuff that my secret knitter pal may like.

Need some fun podcast listening while knitting today? Check out nevernotknitting's recent offering here: Episode 22. She offers lots of reviews and fun stuff. She's a busy one!

Looking for some sweet children's patterns that are FREE?

Yes, that lovely word...FREE. :HAPPY SIGH:

Petite Purls has some really cute offerings...I am stalking their site currently as I know soon their fall issue will hit the net waves! So check back with them often!

Lastly, I want to mention the current issue of Cast On magazine. If you like technical information, learning new techniques STEP by STEP, this magazine really does fit that bill perfectly. They have re-vamped their format and style and have really "upped" their offerings for the knowledge seeking knitter. I do save my Cast On magazines because I know the information in there is timeless. Styles come and go--fads are just that, fads. But the techniques never change. They may be modified or evolve into something NEW...but the basics are still there. Check them out!

On the home front, we have a new puppy!

Yes, we are going to subject ourselves to all that wonderfulness new puppies add to a house. A busy house. A house bursting at the seams with busy children. We miss our furry friends we lost this past year and the grieving is over now. Time to bring in a new furr ball.

She will join us sometime in September, as she still needs to be with momma dog for a little bit longer. We will make a road trip to go get her as soon as she's old enough. The kids have a name list a mile long. She is a red Pointing Labrador and will double as a bird hunting buddy for the dude of the house. He's tickled. I have 2 boys that are determined to teach her to "guard" the new fort. I will share pictures soon. I have 2 girls determined that she will be sleeping in their room at night...and arguing with the little guy over it. He says he gets her at night because he's "the littlest"...already playing that youngest trump card!

Have a great knitting day friends!


Kate said...

Sweet sweet little puppy!

Kate said...

What an adorable little pup! Good luck with the housetraining :)