Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Light the Candle Please

A kind of mesh looking lace panel today. What should have been easy counting was difficult for me as I was distracted. 6 repeats were most rows and I couldn't seem to remember that. I ripped back more than I knit today.

Reminds me of when I get distracted in my quiet times with God. It's like the empty space loses me, and I easily turn thoughts other than focusing on my time with Him. The BIG GUY. The Father.

I light a candle and it reminds me of His light, His presence and His nearness, which helps me focus.

I like that today's devotional reminded me of that.

I like the I am looking forward to each new lace section with anticipation of what God will bring me to today.

This yarn's color is absolutely smitten me. I love the reds, oranges and gradual yellows. It is cheery. But more on that later...

Day 3 done.

Lighting my little light all for Him.

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Andi said...

Beautifully written. What an excellent reminder for me.