Thursday, August 29, 2013

Said No Knitter Ever...

OH the irony--the words that come out of a knitters mouth...we've all said versions of these things to ourselves and to others...RIGHT?! ENJOY

**Thanks to Loops for giving me a giggle this morning!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Feathers and Mice

 A new hat sample knit for the LYS and a new class to start up in September and October called Advanced Beginning Knitting. This hat is super stretchy and can be made in cotton yarns or in my choice here: sportweight alpaca. It is uber soft and oooh so light as a whisper on your head. Learning how to knit in the round on a circular needle and on dpn's.

 I love how the top of this hat looks-the color changes really offer texture with the ribbing. I forget it doesn't take complicated stitch patterns to really show off a color scheme or yarn--sometimes it is the old stand-by stitch combinations that do all that work for you...:GRIN: I love those old school reminders. Helps keep me humble. This one is a simple purl 3 knit 2.

I have been brushing up on different embroidery stitches. Here I played with the feather stitch...
 I am slowly decorating an old jean jacket. I will keep stitching on it until I tire of it's look. I am having fun with free-form embroidery. I see some fun projects with this technique in the near future

That naughty dog of ours isn't doing her job lately...looks like the mice population is growing again! I'm threatening her with a ~MEOW~ addition.

Sleeping is what she does best when the weather is so hot!

And finally, from the garden:

Enjoy these last few days of summer vacation!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Wingspan and Aade Long Yarn Review

This is my Wingspan blocking. Isn't it lovely? The yarn is Aade Long Artistic. This unique colored yarn is from Estonia. Raasiku, Estonia to be exact. Let's dish about this yarn, shall we?

Colors are amazing. The varied ones I love the best. See colors HERE.
But the solid colors are pretty amazing too.

This yarn is oily and really blooms and softens after blocking. I knit my Wingspan on a US size 7 circular needle and this pattern is in garter stitch. The colors just gently move into each other and flow which I LOVE for this pattern. If you can get your hands on this yarn...I suggest it is worth the search. It might make you crazy...

but keep looking!!!

Some facts:

Fingering / 4 ply (14 wpi)
437 yards (400 meters)
100 grams (3.53 ounces)
28.0 sts = 4 inches
US 1½ - 6 or 2.5 - 4mm
100% Wool
Manufactured by Raasiku villavabrik (translates to Raasiku Wool factory) and sold under the brand of Aade Lông.

And how did I get such a yarn you ask?

I love yarn trades on Ravelry. The knitters there have blessed me time and time again. 

This is my fall wardrobe accessory piece that I can't wait to pair up with my jean jacket. 

Another Aade Long Artistic project I have made is here: 
 The blues flow just wonderfully into one another. And the fingering weight yarn made this lace sampler just POP with definition. This picture doesn't do the lace justice. I love this one too over a blouse or with a jacket. 

See how pretty this yarn cakes up?

And as I was knitting this project here:

 A close up:

This yarn is A+++. It is not splitty, suitable for other fiber projects, such as weaving and felting. I was very careful blocking not to agitate the water. I didn't want to lose my definition. The color didn't fade nor did it leave the fiber while it soaked. I don't know what more you could ask for in an artistic yarn from the Baltic. 

I want to get my hands on more. How to get someone to throw some more my way? Please let me know if you are traveling to Estonia or Germany. I may resort to bribes and begging.


 Meet the tree frog that we found the other day. He's so cute. When he moved from leaf to leaf, he changed to the exact green shade of his resting spot. My littlest guy and I watched him for quite awhile.

I love that we got to spend some quality time together. And these little adventures with frogs will be what make me wish he would stay younger, just alittle while longer...the youngest in the family. I get it now. I know why they are spoiled. We parents want to hold onto to them extra tight.

I've been writing and designing again. But with a bit of a twist. I am happy to announce a BIG THING will be revealed this fall. A new adventure for me.


Those dreams aren't getting any younger now, are they?

And time, well that element of life we can't avoid, just keeps on ticking, doesn't it?

I realized my time is something I took for granted before cancer. 

No longer. 

Time is now on my side, and we will work together...

I can't tell you yet what I am working on, but it's BIG. A big leap of faith, a big step off the cliff of the unknown and I am SO EXCITED. 

We shall see what shall be.