Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Labor of Love

Latvian Gardens


There is a labor, and it applies to many things in life. 

Family, work, school or even having a baby. 

This Labor of Love is one that will be a reminder of prayers. Prayers of healing, prayers of hope, prayers of souls needing LOVE, of souls needing rest. 

The Needle Lady's Latvian Garden Baby Blanket is a big project for me.

  • I have never steeked. I did do a practice swatch and tried it...the cutting part that is. It worked. I didn't put a backing on my swatch, but I have friends that sew. I am hoping they will show me what to do, give me some tips and maybe even let me venture this part myself with their guidance. I am thinking a trip to Millie P's Quilt Shop in town to pick out some lovely material to cover the backside with.

  • Yarns I am using; Madame Tricote Merino Gold in gray, green and purple. I received these as a gift from Aunt Mona, a find on her trip to the Ukraine. I am not sure the source of this yarn. I've been told Paris, and someone else told me they thought it originated from Turkey? I do know so far I like knitting with it. I found sources in Poland, Russia and also in England.

  • Also, some gifted yarn that I don't even remember who gave to me. Britania fingering weight wool, in white. This is listed as discontinued type of yarn here: Website Resource. I have a hard time believing this is 100% wool as there is NO SCRATCH factor to it, and it seems to have a sheen. I would guess silk or even a manmade material was added with it when it was spun. My label says it was made in Great Britain. Must be old. It is pretty white white though. 

I expect this one to take me awhile. 

But I continue knowing my own mother would have done this had she been alive for this event.

I am okay with that. 

I can be patient. 

Just like the recipient of this beauty. 

Life is beautiful. It must be cultivated. 


It's a gift. 


Carolyn said...

Oooooh, pretty. I have been avoiding the siren song of Pinneguri's blanket. So far.

The Ravelry linkie for the project page doesn't go to Ravelry. :(

Rachel Russ said...

OOOO good catch Carolyn, thanks! Fixed the linkie. I really think you should do this's not that big. Only 209 sts on size US 1.5's. Piece o'cake!!! (except for the steeking part)